My GPS for Angel...

Yes yes yes!!!


Honda City: My White Angel Of Desire..

My new Honda City. Many of my friends had issues with WHITE...now tell me!!


Priyanka: The smile is back on her face after a long time.

Life is a challenge, life is unforgiving, you have it in you to beat the odds. The smile is back and that is a good beginning.

The smile is back after a long long time.

Priyanka Sakhuja, a woman of substance.


US Club promanade, Mumbai

Can u see a ship aground? That is MSC Chitra aground in Mumbai channel, shutting down the port for two weeks and oil spill has caused a major environmental disaster never before known to Mumbai.

MSC Chitra grounded off Sunk Rock Lighthouse.

Bad weather, rains make for poor pics. Will go again next week to Mumbai and shoot.

Containers adrift from grounded ship MSC Chitra.

Chitra lies tilted 80 deg aground off Sunk Rock light house after being rammed by Kalijia 3. Some 80 odd containers are either adrift or sunk in the Navigation channel of Mumbai port.These containers are being towed away by tug boats. These 5 containers had drifted very close to my ship at anchor, Samudrika 1, due to bad weather. There was every chance of them damaging and holing my ship side. I had to make a lot of noise to all authorities in Mumbai Port and they were quick enough to send these two tugs.